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EMSA Pavia is an active FMO (Faculty Member Organization) of EMSA. EMSA Pavia was founded in ENTER YEAR by medical students of the Golgi coruse and the Harvey course as a sub-organisation of Gruppo KOS and has been active ever since.


The European Medical Students’ association (EMSA) is a non-profit,  non-governmental  organization,  representing  medical students in 28 countries from all across Europe. Founded in 1990 in Brussels, it is among the most important voices for European medical students. The association provides a platform for high-level advocacy, projects, training, workshops, and international meetings. Its activities gather around six pillars that consist of Medical Education, Medical Ethics and Human Rights, European Health Policy, Public Health, Medical Science, and European Integration and Culture.

In 2019, the regulations of EMSA Pavia went through a reformation to become more inclusive of all medical students, studying at the University of Pavia. This reformation foresees the utilization of EMSA Pavia as a bridge between the current active organizations (Gruppo KOS, Harvey MedSoc, SISM Pavia, P.A.W.M.S, Emergency-Gruppo di Pavia) within the university of Pavia, and it is based on a mutual vision on improving opportunities for all students, by preventing the redundant dispersion of the department and students’ resources.

Given the nature of EMSA Pavia, the members of the board of directors are elected from the executive team of each aforementioned organization, in accordance to the level of activity and immensity of the organizations. The purpose of EMSA Pavia is to provide a platform, through which local organizations in Pavia can function on an international level. Therefore, it is crucial that active organisations within Pavia to make demands in the beginning of the year to give structure to the upcoming events and projects held solely by EMSA or in collaboration with these organizations.


Gruppo Kos is an association of students from the faculties of Medicine and Surgery, Nursery and Sport Sciences. Their mission is to provide Unipv students of health-related areas with the best education possible, and in order to do so, they act both in their own University and through relationships with external partners and associations.

Gruppo Kos is the most consistent association of medical students representatives in the University politics. They are active in the Didactic Councils and the Department Councils of the pertaining courses, in the Joint Committee and in the Student Council. Moreover, one of Gruppo Kos students is currently a member of the Academic Senate.

Thanks to the support and funding provided by the Permanent Student Commission of the University, Gruppo Kos organises several conferences every year on relevant topics, such as the ethical issues related with the end of life and the opportunities that the medical field can offer to transgender people today.

The group cooperates with other associations, both on the local and the international level. In Pavia, the main partner of Gruppo Kos is the Coordinamento per il Diritto allo Studio, an association of representatives of every other field of study in Unipv. 

You can turn to Gruppo Kos in case you need any help on the official grounds: issues with your exams, Professors, course structure, irregularities that damage your right to study as an Erasmus student. You will find the useful contacts at the end.

Moreover, the group also organizes social activities throughout the year: follow them on facebook to be updated on their “aperitivi”, presentation events and the soccer tournament that takes place every spring!

Harvey MedSoc is an organization of students from Harvey course in the Faculty of Medicine. Harvey MedSoc first started its work in the academic year of 2015-16. Harvey Medsoc represents Harvey Medical Students of the University of Pavia in areas that are not previously addressed by the faculty and other organizations, including social and extracurricular activities, workshops pertinent to medical studies and interests, in English.

In fact, all events, committee meetings, and communications are held in English. The goal of our society is to strengthen the course identity, and to increase communication between students of various years and the lecturers and course coordinators. 

MedSoc is apolitical and does not support or oppose any political parties or movements both within the university and without. It is also worth mentioning that MedSoc has no place in the formal structure of the student government of the University of Pavia.

With all the aforementioned points in mind, MedSoc’s mission is to unify the students of the Harvey Course of Molecular Medicine of the University of Pavia, Italy, through regular common activities and opportunities. 

MedSoc hold regular annual (and a few biannual) events both in academic and non-academic fields. Note that a timeline of the future events will be published here at the start of 2018-19 academic year. You can refer to our facebook page to learn more about our previous events. 

Additionally, Harvey Medsoc provides a platform for students of all 6 years to come together informally, both with and without professors to provide free information by the students, for the students. This includes knowledge of events in Pavia, within the university and the colleges, and updates on information pertinent to the Harvey course. An example of this, is our Mentorship Program. 

Finally, MedSoc’s ultimate goal is to seek out research and internship positions in English both within and outside the University of Pavia and to provide medically relevant extracurricular activities in addition to the lessons and courses provided by the university curriculum and the colleges.


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